LAUGHTER TADKA Global Online Stand-Up Comedy & Funny Video Contest

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  • The Theme for Stand-Up Comedy is "Lockdown".
  • Marks will be deducted if any other theme is used for Stand-Up Comedy.
  • Funny Video doesn't have any theme. It should be purely of Comedy nature.
  • Stand up-Comedy Video Time - 1 to 5 minutes.
  • Funny video Time - 30 Sec to 5 min.
  • Language : Hindi , Marathi or English language can be used. Marks will get deducted in case of use of any other language.
  • Age group : There is no separate age category. Any person irrespective of their age can participate in the Contest.
  • Mobile Shooting Position - Horizontal or Vertical.
  • More than 1 person can act in a single video. But such a video will be considered as one entry and prize will be declared to the registered Participant.
  • Videos should not contain any vulgar story , acting or comedy content. If such videos are found , then they will be rejected.
  • Marks allocation System for Stand-Up Comedy Video :

    Facial Expression
    Body language
    Overall Script
    Voice & Dialogue
    Mimicry or Style
    Overall Comedy sense
  • Marks allocation system for Funny Videos ( In which You are Visible) - Facial expression , Body language , Overall Comedy sense.
  • Marks allocation System for any Comic Video - Overall Comedy Sense.
  • Video Can be sent by 3 ways

    a) upload on our website upto size of 15 MB
    b) Upload on YouTube and paste the link on registration form.
    c) Send through Whatsapp by clicking button on Registration form.
  • Winners need to show their identity.
  • Entry fee does not include Govt taxes. Participant has to pay taxes and handling fee extra as below.
    ₹ 300 + 22.10 = ₹ 322.10 & ₹ 100 + 10.70 = ₹ 110.70
  • Once registered successfully, registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable irrespective of non-receipt of video or reject of Video.
  • Organizer reserve all rights to cancel the online contest/event, In case of cancellation registration fee will refunded; deducting
    taxes and applicable charges.
  • Event will be cancelled automatically if the participation is less than 20 and money will be refunded back to registered
    participants deducting applicable fees and taxes.
  • Each participant has to upload his photo to identify himself while filling up the registration Form.
  • Each Participant will get a Digital Certificate.
  • Certificate will be sent digitally and participant can take the printout of the same.
  • Each winner will get Certificate , Cash & Trophy. Cash amount will be paid online.
  • Trophy courier charges to be borne by the Participant.
  • Judges decision will be final and binding on participants.
  • End date is tentative & it may get extended due to demand.
  • Event Organizers have kept authority to change or alter the rules at any time for smooth functioning of the event.